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We all remember those days which gave us multiple games from the Nintendo Entertainment System in a single cartridge. To add to this we also had some excellent collection of games of the likes of super Mario bros. in a single cartridge citing the first and foremost example of the release of multicards from Nintendo itself. In today’s world of games there are manufacturers composing multicards for Gameboy Advance, Nintendo DS and Gameboy Color, DS multicards being one such manufacturer.  

ds multi game cardOne thing that makes Nintendo DS Multicards a premier multicards manufacturer is a massive collection of extra ordinary games in their database. No matter which game you are looking for, just enter the name of the required game in the search bar of the website and within seconds you are provided your requirements. You can even choose the language of display in your required game as the DS multicards have the games coming in English, German or Japanese languages. If the game that you are looking for hasn’t been released at your place, it will be brought to your knowledge so that you do not hope to purchase any game that is not within your reach.

Usually the cartridge that Nintendo DS Multicards use can provide memory up to 1GB, thus multiple games can be fitted in one medium. All the Nintendo DS Multi cards are NINTENDO DS (dual screen) compatible and this facility is valid for new multicards as well as the multicards that were purchased before the NDS was released. Nintendo DS is also compatible with games pack from GBA and all the games that we provide have been tried and tested to satisfy the users.

It should be known to all that GBA link port has been excluded by Nintendo from the DS console and instead it has introduced built in Wi-Fi wireless technology, but the technology is compatible only with the newer versions of NDS multi game cards. Multi players can also play the games but for this facility the multicards should be used with GBA SP or Gameboy advance. DS multi game cards from Nintendo have no regional coding and so the games can be played from any part of the earth without the need to hack the games.

If you are looking for reasons to purchase games from Nintendo DS multi game card’s website, there are a number of them. First and foremost, it is very cheap and so can be easily afforded. A single DS game card costs around fifty dollars and you can acquire the multi cards from Nintendo for not more than hundred dollars. Secondly, shipments are made to any part of the world and to add to this facility, no shipping fees are charged and import taxes will also not be incurred to the customers.

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