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DSi Custom Firmware CFW-DSi

dsi mod passmeJust like DarkAlex Sony PSP custom firmware a.k.a. M33 CFW - Nintendo DSi is also in a need for a nodded and hacked firmware version that would let us:

  • use all DSi compatible cards without worry about official updates from Nintendo blocking them.
  • play NDS roms from the older R4 AK2 DSone cards that were made for NDS and DS Lite and did not work on the DSi with the Nintendo original firmware.
  • enable full access to all system features for the homebrew applications so that they can use the increased processing power, built in camera and SDHC slot.

To be able to install DSi Custom Firmware make sure that you:

  • Do not update to the latest official Nintendo DSi firmware
  • Have in stock a DSI compatible Flash Cartridge capable of running homebrew application and commercial NDS roms on an unmodded console.

    UPDATE: and in the end the copy protection introduced by DSi Firmware version 1.4 was overcome without creating a custom firmware but by simpley faking a header of a legit game and after the DSi starts booting the code executing the DS Flash Cards multi game loader.
    Buy DSi Firmare v 1.4 compatible R4 cards