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DSi Motion Card : DSi Flash Card NS168DS
Could this be
the first working DSi Flash Card for playing NDS & DSi ROMs


First prototype unit, the micro-SD socket is not in the same position as for the production units.

The picture is taken “from the bottom view” when the adapter is inserted into the console. A donor card is inserted into the adapter.


DS flash loader

ns 168 ds loader


Q: What is donor card?

A: Donor card is original game card that can be reprogrammed for the special use as launch card.

Only some selected game cards can be used donor cards. Other cards CAN NOT be used as donor card.

The donor card can be used both for DS and DSi.

Some donor cards are auto-launch type, some need user interaction for the launch, usually a few clicks with the stylus are needed.

Q: How is a donor card programmed?

A: Use special PC software to prepare the donor card while using the NS168DSmotion as save programmer.

The donor card manager software will automatically recognize the card and program it with correct firmware.

Q: Can I use the donor card to play the original game?

A: Yes the donor card can be returned to the original condition, and the old game saves can be restored.

After that it is possible to use it to play the original game, and continue with the old saved game state.

Q: What games can be used as donor card?

A: For a complete list of games please consult the donor manager software manual.

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