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NS168DS DSi Flash Card : DSi Motion Card
Could this be
the first working DSi Flash Card for playing NDS & DSi ROMs

NS168DS DSi Flash Card motion

NS168DS motion is a multi-purpose NS168DS compatible adapter, it can be used in different modes as standalone device powered from USB or as a plugin module powered from some NS168DS host like DS/DSi.


Standalone Mode o USB powered (full speed device)

  • Read and Write DS save data (save manager)
  • Read DS ROM o Read/Write micro-SD Card o Use as 3-Axis motion HID input device (DELUXE only)
  • SPI Flash programmer
  • SPI adapter
  • I2C Adapter

DS/DSi Homebrew support

  • NDS / DS homebrew on Nintendo DSi from micro-SD card (need donor DS ROM)
    DLDI drivers, support SDHC up to 32GB
  • Add motion to DS homebrew (need use flash launcher card)

NDS/DS Lite/Nintendo DSi to PC communication via USB

3-Axis motion sensor (DELUXE only)

  • Motion library for homebrew programming

Status LED


  • NS168DS female (for NS168DS cards, game…)
  • NS168DS male - plugs to another NS168DS host (like DS/DSi…)
  • Micro-SD slot
  • Micro-USB connector


First prototype unit, the micro-SD socket is not in the same position as for the production units.

The picture is taken “from the bottom view” when the adapter is inserted into the console. A donor card is inserted into the adapter.

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